We stock all popular types of tiles in the categories listed below.

Resistance PEI Rating. Tiles have different PEI (hardness) ratings which should be taken into consideration when making your selection. We would be pleased to assist you.

Dura Ceramic - This is the most common type used for today's floors in both residential & commercial applications. The advantages:

Resistant to stains
Resistant to scratches
Fire resistant
Not faded by sunlight
Resistant to slipping
Easy to keep clean
Crack restistant 

Glazed Tile: A durable floor covering, stain and scratch resistant, doent fade from sunlight, resistant to slipping, and very easy to clean. 

Unglazed - No glazing or coating is applied to this type of tile. Colors are uniform throughout the tiles which results in a durability that resists the effects of heavily trafficked areas.